A Soldier could not get it to work, so, he purchased an SCR I do not recommend you purchase this CAC reader unless you are not planning on using a computer newer than Windows XP. Are you interested in subscribing to the CACNews email list? Identive formerly SCM Microsystems. Download patch from Microsoft. The “SmartFold” SCR mini USB reader is a compliant contact smart card reader which is perfectly suitable for a wide range of application areas for government, enterprise and home use.

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Portable, compact, and cheap. Please website with your friends and colleagues. The virtual smart card install adds the certificates I need to get onto the intranet wireless at the Microsoft office.

uTrust SmartFold SCR3500-A

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reeader September 21, at 3: Alternate installation file installation instructions are in the. Unfortunately, the SCM driver at the link is version 4. For Friday shipments only. Reboot may be required if you’ve tried adding the SCM since you last booted and it was unrecognized. Delivery by noon to most other areas, and by 4: Scr3500 smart card reader to its small scr3500 smart card reader, this reader is ideal to be bundled with smart cards and software to support large scale project roll outs.


You can update the driver samrt following this guidance.

Information from manufacturer including drivers. If you have the time, and want to play with updating drivers and such, you download a driver from https: So without physical smart card reader, I’m not getting onto the wifi and I cannot remote into Microsoft corpnet to get to all that super secret stuff you know we have somewhere on our intranet! You will only see readers that I have tested and will recommend to you on scr3500 smart card reader page Except for the Non-Supported old readers section.

Mac friendly after this scr3500 smart card reader except when using Firefox.

uTrust SmartFold SCR Family | Identiv Support

Be sure to check your email for exclusive offers and discounts. With powerful eProcurement tools, comprehensive software licensing solutions and dedicated Account Executives, it’s easy to get exactly what you need to tackle your technical challenges. Scr3500 smart card reader good so far.

Typical applications areas of this reader are in the field of electronic ID cards, social security cards, secure network log-on, e-banking and online shopping as well scr3500 smart card reader for online gaming activities.


I needed the smartcard so I could install a virtual smartcard on my machine https: FedEx Priority service restrictions above apply. Some devices that were automatically recognized on Windows 8.

Now, this is the only smart card reader I had. Monday, 23 April And Crad wasn’t in scr3500 smart card reader office with his “secret mystery box” of adapters and gizmos to borrow from.

To access our wifi, II need a smart card. This reader has 4 possible fixes to work with Windows 7: Moral of the story.

Identiv SCR3500 A SmartFold USB Smart Card Reader

Add the qualified items to your Shopping Cart and proceed to checkout. According to the Identive’s website driver download page, it scr3500 smart card reader not work on anything newer than Sc3r500. Voila, the smartcard reader is now recognized. If your Mac is having problems with this reader, you will need to update it using a Windows computer or Bootcamped Mac.