Tried a few things that didn’t work: I see this is an old thread now, lol, and W10 solved the problem. I’m drying to find drivers that will work with Windows 7 64Bit. Congrats to the Winners! The keyed end that you see in the photo is the same end that was plugged into the Flexbay header on the MB, as it was installed by the factory, so don’t see how it can be considered “backwards”.

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By the way, Wal-Mart if you have one near you carries a paint on insulation called “Liquid Tape” in the Automotive section. I wonder if having only a 4-pin connector is causing the problem.

Mitsumi card reader reader I have that works is 9-pin, which has a USB passthrough port. Shows up as readre drives mitsumi card reader boot.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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Mitsumi card reader, it’s the challenge. BTW, I tried plugging one of the USB ports back plate, in order to fill up the other pins on the mainboard header, but no luck.

I’ve already got a multi-card reader in myso I’ve got the Flexbay connector and cable to hack into. It works fine in a different computer? What mainboard mitsumi card reader you have? Let me know what you recommend. The important thing is that it works. This stuff is very durable and flexible.


Upon reboot, it doesn’t show up in the BIOS, and won’t work again until you’ve unplugged and replugged it.

Nice soldering and shrink mitsuni work. But then it read read very slowly. I’m drying to find drivers that will work with Windows 7 64Bit. Well, finally got it working.

Swapped the header over to the other side of mitsumk plug, rebooted and the machine found the multi-reader and added the 4 card slots. Not really worth using something like that for a few reasons: Now cut off the excess wires and put a mitsumi card reader piece of shrink tubing over the connector and cable mitsumi card reader it will look pro. Reviving the dead here.

Mitsumi Internal Desktop Card Reader USB Port FA405M

I take it, you’re using the device end, and then plugging that into the Flexbay header. It just mitsumi card reader on and you can build it and shape it. The red stripe in your configuration actually is in the pin 10 position. Even if you value your time at minimum wage, you’ve already “paid” for a new one in opportunity cost. Found one quirk with the Dimension right off. Still I can’t imagine it supports SDHC or any faster card buses so still don’t understand the desire to keep mitsumi card reader it.

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Mitsumi Internal Desktop Card Reader USB Port FAM | eBay

WIndows 10 autodriver detection and selection is definitely more robust than windows The cable will obviously WORK in the configuration you show, it’s just in reverse incorrect orientation. Thanks for the comments. Unplugged the USB header and mitsumi card reader back in, and get this message in a tray popup.

I think the only difference is that the A has the floppy on top, whereas the M mitsumi card reader the floppy on the bottom. This isn’t the only reader it does it to, either.

If you require drivers to get it working at all that must be a pretty old reader with some proprietary interface through USB. Mitsumi card reader, I guess it would be easier just to purchase another unit but since I’m upgrading myself for fun, the point is irrelevant. Yeah, it isn’t USB 3.