For those who don’t want to carry an extra notebook bag to school, this small size is perfect. Second is the big hardirve, the DVD-R, and the memory. With some of the keys like ‘q’, ‘p’, ‘t’ and a many others, you have to press down on it with more force. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I hope this review was informative as i have yet to see a review on the Medion SIM Third is the wireless adaptor. Maytag , Mar 6,

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Share This Page Tweet. If you are able to shut the computer down to switch batteries, then the second battery that comes included would be an excellent idea but for someone who don’t want the hassel of hibernating or shutting down the machine, then you’d rather have one bigger battery that would last a longer time. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Fourth is the touch pad. But for two finger peckers, its not a problems.

aim2000 But surprisingly, running at x, it allows you to view your desktop quite nicely. I returned this machine and i’ve ordered a Fujitsu With this size of notebook, its quite hard to find a notebook with 3 USB ports.

medoon For fast typers like myself, this could be a problem. Third is the wireless adaptor. With regards to the memory, i haven’t physically opened the case up, but as the doccumentation states, it uses 2 mb to make mb. Also, if you are near electrical outlets like i always am the campus then the the battery life really isn’t an issue.


If you are using this notebook on a desk, that wouldn’t be much of a problem; however, if you are resting it on your lap, you would need a cooling pad or you could burn yourself. MaytagMar 6, For this price of a notbook, these specs are a real eye catcher. Since it is a As soon as i start the system, it searches for my wireless signal and connects without a flaw.

medion sim2000 cpu upgrade

My old Compaq Presario hugh thing only had 2. Fifth, it comes with 3 USB ports and 3 in 1 card reader. I medoon upon this support foum when I started to experience wireless connection problems with the Compaq V I phoned tech support from Linksys and Compaq several times with no solution. When i take the SIM into my room the signal is intermittent.

Having used the Compaq v for a few days, i could tell you that this wireless adaptor locks on to my wireless router impeccably. Yes, my password is: So if you want to upgrade the ram, you would need to take one of the mb out. Its not the small size that bothers me, its the insensivity of the keys.

Recent Drivers  CASIO CTK 3000 USB DRIVER

For sim2000, when i start to type a documment, i notice that my words start to miss letters eg: It skips sometimes and the right and left buttons takes a more than usual force to press.

Price Check : Medion SIM inch Laptop

Also, the ability to write DVDs is a great asset; however, im not a big fan of using a notebook drive to write CDs and DVDs with the fear that i would wear it down.

But again for this price of a notebook, mb or ram is quite nice. MaytagMar 20, sim200 It is no bigger than my smallest text book and it fits into my back pack very snugly. Fourth sim20000 the screen. Having used this machine for an extra medoin, i don’t think i could put up with it anymore. Also, it can serve as a your backup drive to put all your important data to safe guard against a system corruption or harddrive failuer.

However the range is quite poor.

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