If the locators are of type hold, they will not be released when a commit is done. To display the result set, the static method dispResultSet of the jdbcClient. A program can also read and write data into the user spaces on the system. A value of 3 indicates that “skip locks” will be used. Specifies whether the connection should use true auto commit support. However, there is a performance penalty associated with logging trace messages, so this property should only be set to “true” for debugging.

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The conversion classes provide conversion between IBM i and Java data formats. Entries can be added to and removed from a data queue, and data queues can be created or deleted on the system. Specifying a non-zero value for this property will reduce the frequency databaae communication to the system, and therefore increase performance.

Specifies whether trace messages should be logged. Set this property to true only when access to a LOB locator is needed after a statement has been closed.

BigDecimal object is used for packed and zoned decimal conversions as described by the JDBC specification. I use this code to connect to my db2 database with jt Specifies whether truncation of character data generates warnings and exceptions. Specifies whether the connection should use true auto commit support. Post as a guest Name. jt40


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Here is an example of running various SQL statements against a DB2 for i server to create a table, insert data into the table, retrieve the data from the table, and call a stored procedure. Windows installations can be tricky because of node-java dependency. A value of 1 indicates that “currently committed” will be used. A value of 3 indicates that “skip locks” will be used.

It is only used as a hint by the underlying socket code. Specifies whether to cache a subset of the SQL package information in client memory. The SystemValueList represents a list of system values on the server.

You can use jdbcClient to experiment with all kinds of Java objects. When used in conjunction with a variable, the! The KeyedFile class represents a system file that has access by key j400 the SequentialFile class represents a system databasr that has access by record number. I have tried using the db2jcc.

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Parameters can be passed to the IBM i program and data can be returned to the Java program when the server program exits. If this property is set to “true”, then result set data is compressed. Specifies the databasr storage limit to be used when statements in a connection are executed. The IBM i also has a messaging system that programs use to communicate with users and other programs.

When using other types like CLOB you need to specify the type specifically. Keywords typescript javascript as IBM java db2 jdbc jt Other datavase are those properties not easily categorized. Specifies the user name for connecting to the system. If none is specified, then the user will be prompted, unless the “prompt” property is set to “false”, in dafabase case an attempt to connect will fail. This will increase overall performance by reducing the total number of requests.


If the locators are of type hold, they will not be released when a commit is done. Specifies if datqbase should remain open until a transaction boundary when autocommit is off and they are associated with a LOB locator. All resources acquired during the unit of work are held, but locks on specific rows databsse objects implicitly acquired during the unit of work are released. The use of reflection is not limited to JDBC objects.

This will increase performance when accessing the initial rows in the ResultSet. This property has no effect unless the “sort” property is set to “language”.