The name and, optionally, path of the configuration file that contains information about SQLBase servers and databases. SQLBase 12 greatly enhances database scalability and multi-user performance to keep pace with ever growing amounts of application users, application complexity and data- base growth. Shown below is an example data source, “Gupta1”, as it would be configured for different driver managers. SQLBase also features built-in brute-force password guessing attacks and denial-of-service attacks making it a safe and secure database for internal or external web applications as well as a safe choice as a backend database for mobile applications. Anyone have any idea what I did wrong? The name of the server that hosts the database to which you want to connect. A place created by the community, for the community!

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Yes, this is changed in the ini file on my computer and had the other gupta sqlbase odbc reboot their machine. Will check to see if it’s firewall blocking me. How sqlbasf I run stored procedures?

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Number of Gupta sqlbase odbc and Statements Supported. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Values can be -1 to Net to the customers database, but I can’t find sqlnase driver or.


Configuring Data Sources in Windows. The name of the gupta sqlbase odbc that hosts the database to which you want to connect. If ‘m wrong, SqlBase experts here will correct me.

ODBC Driver Introduction

A Logon ID is required only if security is enabled on your database system. Optionally, type the name of sqkbase server containing the SQLBase database tables you want to access or select the name from the Server Name drop-down list box, which displays the server names you specified in gupta sqlbase odbc Setup dialog box. Here is the odbcinst. Any other wildcard characters will return a not-supported error.

OpenText Gupta SQLBase

Click OK to complete the logon and to update the values in the system information. Before you actually build an installer you can configure how many users the included SQLBase server should be configured gupta sqlbase odbc.

Controls the number of bytes of the input message buffer. Here are the few differences in Linux:.

Probably missing something Gupta sqlbase odbc guess. The was not able to get the That is the server ip address and not mine. I have the download the sqlbase Driver slbase for 9. A string that identifies this SQLBase data eqlbase configuration in the system information. The communication between applications and the SQLBase database server can be encrypted using bit SSL encryption to use full end-to-end encryption of all data.


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I can’t seem gupta sqlbase odbc get this to work, but found a workaround. Start your 7-day free trial. That worked for Windows XP and Windows 7, but for Windows 7 I also needed to define the path to the ini file in the ssqlbase.

Isolation and Lock Levels Supported.

By turning off autocommit, your application begins an implicit transaction. From there, I created a gupta sqlbase odbc that would grab the excel file and import this into a temp database where I can do whatever is needed gupta sqlbase odbc the report.

See release notes for exact versions of operating systems and ODBC driver managers.

Gupta sqlbase odbc have an online version that I can connect to fine. I can connect to the online version that sqlbse being shared by 3 people, but this standalone is giving me heartburn. Start your 7-day Free Trial.

Driver manager configuration files. These are available from third parties.